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Self care and what it means

Self Care: What it is & How to Get the Most Out of it

Self care is such a buzz phrase right now and tends to be associated with days at the spa, reading a book while lounging in a bubble bath surrounded by candles, or going to the nail salon. While these are great examples of self care, they’re only representative of a tiny portion of what selfContinue reading “Self Care: What it is & How to Get the Most Out of it”

Root chakra balancing

Cozying Up to Your Root Chakra for a Stronger Foundation

The root chakra, or muladhara, is the foundation of our physical and energetic body. It’s associated with our feelings of basic safety and security, as well as identity and physicality, making it a good focus for folks with trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, and most other dis-ease relating to security and safety. Each of the followingContinue reading “Cozying Up to Your Root Chakra for a Stronger Foundation”

Creating your yoga space

Creating Space for YOUR Yoga Practice

The idea that creating and maintaining a regular yoga practice can reduce stress and overall anxiety sounds great but how? Just how? We’re all busy and get distracted with the thousand other things we need to do… And if you’re not a super chill, green tea drinking yogi, can you still benefit from that commitmentContinue reading “Creating Space for YOUR Yoga Practice”

More health habits may be a "side effect" of yoga practice

Health Nut: The “Side Effects” of Practicing Yoga

Despite popular belief, being a health nut is not a prerequisite to practice yoga. Neither is being flexible or thin but I’ll save that soap box for another blog! However, from the “outside” it can seem like an awful lot of people who practice yoga do health nutty things like drink green juice and carryContinue reading “Health Nut: The “Side Effects” of Practicing Yoga”

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