Cozying Up to Your Root Chakra for a Stronger Foundation

Root chakra balancing

The root chakra, or muladhara, is the foundation of our physical and energetic body. It’s associated with our feelings of basic safety and security, as well as identity and physicality, making it a good focus for folks with trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, and most other dis-ease relating to security and safety. Each of the following chakras build off the one, so it’s important to give this one some extra attention. The chakras relate to energy centers in the physical body and affect specific functions or systems. If the root is imbalanced you might feel insecure, fearful, anxious, or weak in one or more senses. So how the heck do you balance your root chakra?? Well, here are a couple things you can try!

Balancing the Root Chakra with Yoga

Since this is the foundation of the other chakras, many of the asanas in yoga influence the root. Any forward folding poses, where the body comes into a protective position, and especially seated poses. Child’s Pose is (pictured above) can be incredibly grounding for people experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, as well as just feeling stressed and insecure. Try sitting in Child’s Pose next time you feel anxious about something and take at least 5 deep breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, and see if it helps ease your nerves.

Sound and Music

The root chakra is all about warm, dark, heavy elements. Think of wrapping up in a warm blanket after a long day in winter with a cup of hot tea or cocoa. The warm, blanket, hot liquid are all things the root loves. So in the tonal, musical realm, deeper tones like that of the larger Tibetan singing bowls, slower music that is base-heavy, or even listening to larger (deeper toned) wind chimes are great for grounding and balancing the root. No Tibetan singing bowls laying around? Check out Spotify or Pandora!

Foods to Help the Root Chakra

Any guesses what these are going to be?? If you guessed ROOT vegetables, congratulations! Going along with our cold winter night scenario, imagine adding a bowl of potato soup to it! Potatoes, carrots, beets, and even peanut butter are root chakra balancing foods, and many of them are commonly known “comfort foods!” Dandelion root tea is a great muladhara drink as well as a digestive aid!

Mantras for the Root

As mentioned before, the root is our foundation, our being. So try mantras that make positive and affirming statements like “I am: grounded,” “I am: safe,” and “I belong.” Even just thinking these phrases to yourself in your head while taking some deep breaths can be very grounding and help with anxiety and stressful situations.

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